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White Earth.

Our soil is permeated with a white colored compound called calcium carbonate. It's the same material that makes up limestone and chalk.

All over the world soils that are rich in calcium carbonate are often found in the world's great winegrape growing regions. As a geologist and as a winemaker, Keith knew that wine grapes grown in calcium carbonate-rich soils produce spectacular fruit.

When Keith and ReNae purchased the land they decided to name the new vineyard "Terra Blanca," Latin for "white earth."

Blue Skies.

Six inches of rain in a year. That's it. Lying in the rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains to the west we experience weather on a gothic scale. Searing summer heat, blasting Chinook winds, clear cold nights. The sky is our constant companion out here.

Red Mountain.

Few places in the world can grow grapes capable of the power, grace and ageability of Red Mountain. Granted AVA status in 2001, the reputation (and prices) of Red Mountain grapes has caught the attention of the wine cognescenti and consumers alike.