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July 17, 2014 | Get to Know Us | Katy Rutland

Behind the Bar: Olivia

Welcome back to Terra Blanca by the Glass! This week we’ll be exploring the inner workings of the winery and seeing what makes it really tick. Wine can’t make itself, right? Nor can it pour itself. But as friendly and sociable as our next server is, it took a bit of convincing to get her to agree to an interview.


You remember Sally? Well, it was Sally’s word that the process is mostly painless that eventually convinced this week’s guest to be interviewed.


“It’s not a job interview or Oprah,” she told this week’s interviewee, and it’s no wonder she’s earned the nickname of Sassy Sally.


“Fine.” And thus this week’s feature agreed!


Those of you who have visited in the last couple of years will no doubt recognize Olivia.


What you might not know is that Olivia has worked her way up through the ranks, spending just a tick over a year as a barback, a year as a Wine Educator, and now begins her journey as a Senior Wine Educator. Her promotion almost looked like a birthday present since it came around that time, but rest assured; she earned it.


“I wanted to see if I could meet the standards set for me,” Olivia said about her recent promotion. “I felt ready and went for it!”


According to Olivia, working as a barback for a year really helped her prepare to be a Wine Educator when she turned 21.


“I got exposed to and learned a lot about wine, and I could do everything but open a bottle and pour,” she said, which made her transition to a Wine Educator smooth, and she has since become a recognizable face in the Tasting Room.


Outside of Terra Blanca, Olivia is an outdoor enthusiast. Soccer let her travel all over the country for competition, so she’s seen a lot more than just the Tri-Cities, where she was born and raised. She also enjoys hiking, fishing, and working out.


“I feel like a boy, giving that list,” she laughed, though she hastily added tanning to her list of favorite outside activities. When she’s not busy studying for her nursing classes at WSU Tri-cities or spending time outside, Olivia can be found enjoying the simple pastime of watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”


No doubt she was there for the premier last Sunday.


Just don’t her know we let that secret out. She can run faster than this article’s author. A lot faster.


If you’re planning a trip out to the Tasting Room soon, be sure to say hi to Olivia! If you’re really feeling adventurous, ask her about “the shorts” or her latest hiking adventure.


As always, Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

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