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February 12, 2015 | Katy Rutland

Beyond the Table: Terra Blanca's Winemaker's Dinner

The night is crystal clear, stars sparkling over the Horse Heaven Hills as the last colors of sunset paint the horizon. A short drive passed sleeping vineyards, you park amid growing birch trees and beside 20-year old Syrah vines. Ahead arches wisteria, and warm sconces sending cascades of spiraling shadows across your path.


Turn the corner and pause, just to breathe, for ahead stands a door bathed in golden light. Someone ahead, unseen, laughs, and many linger on the twilight terrace before the door opens and they are welcomed in. The door opens to you, too, and twilight surrenders its mystery as you take a glass and join the


Welcome to the Winemaker’s Dinner.


An annual event, the Winemaker’s Dinner is a celebration of Owners Keith and ReNae Pilgrim’s favorite things: family, food, and wine. More than an evening meal with wine pairings, this event draws together those who attend and invites them to become a part of the Terra Blanca Family.


One such couple is Mike and Angie Baecke, Club ONYX members and event veterans.


“This will be our fourth Winemaker’s Dinner,” Mike said.


The couple joined Club ONYX around Christmas of 2011 and have come to every Winemaker’s Dinner since. When asked why they make sure to mark their calendar, their answer was simple.


“For the wine first of all,” he began, “but it gives us a chance to experience food and wine pairings that we might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.”


The food isn’t the only reason they continue to return. Mark and Angie both enjoy the social


“We have been able to meet great people every year,” they said, and they are looking forward to Saturday’s pairings, atmosphere, and (who could forget?) the new release.


Before the Winemaker’s Dinner on Saturday at 7p.m., Friday night introduces the newest addition to Terra Blanca wines. The 2011 ONYX will make its debut during the ONYX Release Party before being featured the next night, making it the 15th vintage of our premier Bordeaux blend. Rumor has it that this vintage will be hard to beat.


Friday’s ONYX Release Party begins at 7p.m. in the Tasting Room, and we ask guests to please RSVP with the number in your party by contacting Gretchen Wiseman by phone at (509) 588-6082, ext 110, or email at gwiseman@terrablanca.com.


Join us this weekend to celebrate family and friends with great food and wine. The night promises to be a memorable one.


Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

Terra Blanca


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