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October 8, 2014 | Events | Katy Rutland

Catch the Crush!

So we’ve had bud-break. We’ve had flowering. We’ve had fruition, veraison, and harvest. What comes next? Crushing!


October is always a busy time in a vineyard or winery, and this October is no different. With harvest well underway and ahead of schedule, it’s time to celebrate! Join us this weekend for Catch the Crush.

The festivities start Friday night with LEADFOOT, a local band, performing for our Café Orsa. They are a big deal, and anyone who attended Cuisine de Vin may remember them. They rocked the courtyard all night long and will be doing the same Friday night starting at 6 p.m. There will be a $5 cover for this evening, but with how good these guys are, it’s well worth it.


Saturday and Sunday are the “official” event days for Catch the Crush. We at Terra Blanca will be joining many other Red Mountain wineries to partner with Wine Yakima Valley for this amazing weekend. Premier Passes can still be purchased online, but tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 9) is the last day!  


What’s a Premier Pass?


It’s your ticket to all sorts of activities and specials throughout Yakima, Zillah, Prosser, and Red Mountain!


For pass holders, we will be providing complimentary tastings of our Daily Wine Selection. That’s $10 totally waived if you have a Premier Pass! You won’t even have to get your feet dirty by stomping grapes before you get in. Trust us, wine grape juice is really hard to get out of fabric, leather, and skin. Just ask one of our Wine Educators. They might as well have permanently purple hands.


For those in our Club ONYX, you will continue to receive complimentary tastings for you and your guests, but rather than making you face the daunting press at the bar, we have set aside a Club Lounge, complete with dedicated Wine Educator and Café Orsa Server. Come socialize with other Club ONYX members, enjoy lunch from the Café, and taste a pre-release of our 2009 Signature Series Cabernet Sauvignon.


That’s right, pre-release.


Other specials for the weekend include the ever-popular 2009 Arch Terrace Triple Threat, our bright and fruity Cab. Sauv., Merlot, Syrah blend, which is selling for $150 a case. That’s half off! And if you haven’t been by in October yet, come out and try our October Magnum Special, a 2003 Reserve Block 8 Syrah. This 1.5L big bottle (affectionately known as Mama Bear) is only $75!


Want to see the crushing and winemaking processes up close? Sign up for a tour! For more information or to schedule, call Daryl Baker at (509) 588.6082 ext. 104.


Whether you’re out on a tasting adventure or just visiting a couple favorites, be sure to make Terra Blanca a part of your Catch the Crush experience!


Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

Terra Blanca


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