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January 14, 2015 | Events | Katy Rutland

Terra Blanca Welcomes Chefs Ben Shaw and Jameson Maspaitella of Simpatica!

Tomorrow (aka Thursday, January 15) marks the return of the Best of the NW Chef Series! This much-anticipated series will bring chefs from around the Pacific Northwest to Terra Blanca to share their skills and passion for food. Tomorrow evening will feature Chefs Ben Shaw and Jameson Maspaitella of the Simpatica Dining Hall in Portland, Oregon. These chefs are no strangers to Terra Blanca, and we are looking forward to their culinary creations.


Since 2005, Simpatica Dining Hall has brought a unique dining experience to Portland, a city known regionally and nationally for its eclectic food offerings. Simpatica prides itself on its seasonally-inspired menu, traditional cooking techniques, and use of local ingredients. The chefs of Simpatica aren’t afraid to cook the “old fashioned” way, using methods such as braising, poaching, and pickling to bring out the best of their ingredients.


“I truly believe that [Simpatica Dining Hall] is special because we cook everything from scratch - everything!” Hilary Reed said, Simpatica’s Dining Hall Manager and Sommelier.  “We make our own stocks, brines, etcetera; we slow the process down and cook locally and seasonally.”


Simpatica’s four chefs rotate as they prepare menus, proving that more heads are better than one. Their collaborations are creative and innovative, and they have never repeated a menu.


Seriously. Never. For examples of prior dishes, visit Simpatica’s website for their menu archives.


The 14 guests attending this Thursday will be treated to five new courses, all prepared and served in the intimacy of the demo kitchen.


“Our Chefs rarely get the opportunity to cook for such an intimate group,” said Hilary.  “I love that they can demonstrate some of their skills and connect with diners directly about their techniques and ingredients.”


That’s what makes the Chef Seminars so exciting. Attending guests will be right beside the kitchen, watching every knife cut, spatula flip, and simmering pan, all while sampling the best of what Simpatica and Terra Blanca have to offer.


Hilary has just one final piece of advice for those who snagged tickets before they sold out.


“Have a glass of wine with them after the dinner. You won't be sorry!”


Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

Terra Blanca


P.S. Tickets are still available for February’s Chef Seminar featuring Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar’s Executive Chef David Lee. Get them before they disappear!


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