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March 6, 2014 | Events, What's Up in the Winery, Wine Features | Katy Rutland

Warm up with Taste Washington Wine Month

After an unusual roller coaster of a winter, there’s no better way to celebrate the coming spring than with Washington wine. March takes that idea and runs with it, so without further ado, welcome to Washington Wine Month!


For many years, the Washington Wine Commission has celebrated the wine industry by hosting Taste Washington Wine Month. Why? Because Washington wine is something special, though we may be a bit biased.


This year marks the 17th anniversary of Taste Washington Wine Month! Began as a way to bring together and highlight the many aspects of Washington’s booming wine industry, the month-long celebration culminates in the largest single-region food and wine festival in the country, Taste Washington.


Since its humble beginnings in 1997, Taste Washington Wine Month has grown substantially. In the early years, the Taste Washington predominantly featured restaurants and retailers, those who were participating in the event. This year, more than 200 wineries and vineyards will be represented, along with more than 70 restaurants.


Spreading the word is where Wine Month comes in. According to Michaela Baltasar, Communications Director for the Washington Wine Commission, the month-long celebration of the Washington wine industry started as a way to get people interested in Taste Washington, an event showcasing the increasing number of diverse restaurants, retailers, hotels, and wineries.


In a way, Wine Month invites wineries and tasting rooms to show off what they can do and create. Many of them across the state will feature sales

 specials and events, including yours truly, Terra Blanca.


We’re starting things off with a bang. From our online shop, a case of libraried Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is only $199! Included are 3 bottles of2002, 4 bottles of 2003, and 5 bottles of 2004. This special ends March 9th, so snag it while you can and keep an eye out for the next special. It’s a secret, though, so you’ll have to wait and see. Click here to shop!


Washington’s booming wine industry is cause for celebration, so come on out and visit! And if you happen to make it over to Seattle for Taste Washington, don’t be a stranger! We’ll be there, and Winemaker Keith Pilgrim will be pouring in person. In the meantime, join us and the whole Terra Blanca family as we put a white earth twist on Taste Washington Wine Month.



Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

Terra Blanca


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