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March 5, 2015 | Katy Rutland

Washington Wine Month: Magnificent Merlots

A surprisingly versatile grape, Merlot is a staple of any wine cellar and wine list. It is everywhere, in every tasting room, wine bar, and restaurant. Sometimes it seems that if there’s not a Merlot, something is very wrong!


Well never fear! At Terra Blanca, we make a killer Merlot. A Merlot so dark, it’s been mistaken for Syrah; so rich, it’s been mistaken for Cab; and so vibrant, people don’t know what it is. Which Merlot is this?


None other than the Signature Series Merlot.


Since its release last fall, the 2009 vintage has been increasingly popular with guests of all drinking experiences; however, what’s to say other years will be just as good? What if you could taste the older vintages, those from the Library?


Have we got a special for you.


Available online through our online store or in the Tasting Room is a vertical of our award-winning Signature Series Merlot with its price slashed for Washington Wine Month. This is one we are very excited about!


In this full case are 4 bottles of the popular 2009 Signature Series Merlot, 3 bottles of 2008 (also a hit before it went to the Library), 3 bottles of 2007 (an excellent vintage), and 2 bottles of 2006 (still showing remarkable youth).


For Washington Wine Month, this entire case is $240 (normally $640) and includes free shipping! No need to drink them all at once; these wines are made to bottle age. Don’t believe us? Head on out to the Tasting Room to try one of the two Library Big Bottle Specials we have: a 2001 Estate Merlot Jeroboam (3L; $100) and a 2004 Reserve Cab. Sauv. Magnum (1.5L; $85). We only have about 30 bottles of the Cab. Sauv. magnum left, so get one while you still can.


Did we tell you March was awesome or what?


Cab. drinkers, fear not. We have you covered as well. The 2009 Arch Terrace Cab. Sauv. is also on case special for $175 (with free shipping). Reserve yours online through our store or get our guy Friday to carry one out from the Tasting Room for you.


Want to know what’s coming up next for Washington Wine Month? Keep an eye here or join our e-mail newsletter for the latest and greatest of Terra Blanca.



Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

Terra Blanca



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