Katy Rutland
March 25, 2015 | Katy Rutland

What's Up in the Winery: It's (Finally) Spring!

Nothing says “spring” on Red Mountain quite like wind, and we’re getting plenty of that this week. Weatherman says the temperatures will be warming up and staying warm, which means the vineyard is waking up!


After a very unusual (read: warm and snowless) winter, it’s time to shake off the last goosebumps, don sunglasses, and get ready for sun!


In preparation for the growing season, the vines are getting a trim this week. Last year, we talked about pruning and why it’s vital to the coming season. Bud-break is right around the corner thanks to the warming weather.


To the left, Cabernet Franc is getting a trim. You can see the unpruned vines in the middle of the block and the ones with “haircuts” on the ends.


Speak of Cab. Franc…


It’s the end of March, which means another Washington Wine Month is coming to an end. Pushing through right to the end, we’re offering a full case of our 2009 Arch Terrace Cabernet Franc for $199 (reg. $336). Can’t pick it up in the Tasting Room? No fear! The case comes with free shipping!


Come April 1st, this special will disappear, so grab it now while you can.



Veni, Vidi, Vinum!

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