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Salmon Safe Certification Terra Blanca Vineyard Red MountainWhen Keith and ReNae heard about Salmon Safe's mission to certify vineyard lands, they didn't think twice about getting involved. Salmon Safe audits growers and certifies that they do not use chemicals or fertilizers that can run into streams and harm fish. Salmon are the ecological bellwether for the Pacific Northwest, and as stewards of Red Mountain, we consider each and every action we take in the vineyard seriously. Certification by a third party was conducted first in 2008 and again in 2012. Both times, our vineyard has been declared "Salmon Safe"-- you'll see it on all our estate wines, on the back label.

Keith has always believed that the less chemical interference in an ecosystem the better because the land develops better intrinsic strength for fighting harmful bacteria, illnesses, and fungi. At Terra Blanca, we think a sustainable approach to farming is one that permits you to improve the land for the future.

To learn more about how about how our vineyard is salmon safe, take a tour of our estate vineyard!

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